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Appointment Preparation For Our Pressure Washing Services in Tampa, FL

We try to make your experience easy and a pleasure. Note important preparation tips and available deals to get the most out of our pressure washing services in Tampa, FL. We try to text a reminder the day before, then we'll call about a half hour or an hour ahead, to let you know we're on the way. 


We always prefer someone be home for us when we arrive. We require a signature to be on your property and we take payment to start. If you can not be home, we may be able to make other arrangements for your convenience. Please make sure all work areas are accessible and clean up after your dog and kennel if necessary before we arrive. 


When pressure washing, everything outside is going to get wet, let us know if your home has leaky doors or windows. We recommend placing old towels at your door and window sills. Be aware that door key pads, or cable, phone and breaker boxes, lights or cameras, outlets etc., may take in water. It's best to leave all outside electric appliances and fixtures turned off prior to, and at least 48 hours after your service. You'll want to let everything dryout. Also, some stains may remain or require additional treatment. Please move cars away from the house and leave room for us to park with our truck and large trailer. We use water and chlorine when pressure washing, so you may want to cover or remove your plants. Some door hardware may discolor or cause stains. To help wash away excess cleaning chemicals, you may want to run the sprinklers after we are finished with our service. Please clear the deck of potted plants, statues, and excess furniture. Please disconnect your automatic pool cleaner if applicable. Some surfaces, (i.e. dark aluminum pool cage, wood, trek deck, etc.) tend to show marks or 'scarring', after pressure washing. Individual results vary.  Not all stains are removed by pressure washing alone. 

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